1. Who are we?

We are an international jewelry company headquartered in California. We are dedicated to creating the finest jewelry from the highest quality gemstones. 

Color is our most recognizable design. With a touch of color, we believe jewelry comes alive and becomes truly personal. We offer a vibrant selection of colors, from which you can choose one that represents you.

2. Where are we located?

Our headquarter is in California. However we don't have physical stores. We sell jewelry exclusively online. In doing so, we are able to avoid unnecessary costs like retail stores and expensive middlemen. We pass all these savings on to our customers, and strive to bring you the finest quality items at unbeatable prices.

Note that we have factories worldwide so your order may be shipped from any of our international offices, like San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Chicago, Hong Kong etc.

3. How to contact us?

Please email us at info@wileyhart.com for any questions or feedbacks.

4. What stones do we use for our jewelry?

We use created sapphire for all our jewelry. Our sapphire is grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that perpetually simulate the Earth’s natural growing process. The results yield real sapphire that is physically, chemically and optically identical to natural sapphire. Unlike mined sapphire, our sapphire is created without harming communities or the environment. 

Our sapphire never loses its beauty and brilliance once it's cut. We are so confident about our product that we offer a lifetime warranty for all our jewelry.

5. What kinds of metal do we use for our jewelry?

All our jewelry is made of silver or gold. You will be given the option to choose metal when you add an item to cart.

6. Does our jewelry come with a jewelry case?

Yes, all of our jewelry comes with a beautiful jewelry box with our logo on it.

7. How to track your order?

You will receive an email with tracking number once your order is shipped. If you have created an account with us, you can also track your order by logging into your account.

8. What payment method do we support?

We support any debit and credit cards, and PayPal.