Jewelry Care

It’s important to care for your precious jewelry on a regular basis so it can stay as beautiful as the day you received it. Our sapphire never loses its beauty and brilliance once it's cut, but keeping it clean is the key to a sparkling stone. Follow the steps below to properly care for your jewelry. 

Daily Care​

We recommend you remove your jewelry when doing the activities below. Keep in mind that salts, chemicals, colliding with metal weights, or destructive contact with other objects could tarnish or damage your jewelry.​

1. Exposing your hands to water, for example washing your hands, showering, swimming, etc. 

2. Applying cosmetics like lotion, sunscreen, perfume, etc.

3. Doing manual tasks like cleaning, cooking, working out, playing sports, etc.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Use the provided polishing cloth to gently wipe the jewelry clean, then remove any remaining tarnish with mild diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry the design thoroughly before storing in the provided jewelry box.

Storing Your Jewelry​

Store your jewelry in a dry and cool environment when you are not wearing it. It is the best to wrap your jewelry in a small airtight, sealable plastic bag, and place it in our fabric-lined jewelry case that comes with your jewelry.