About Us

Our Mission

We are an international jewelry company headquartered in California. We are dedicated to creating the finest jewelry from the highest quality gemstones. From design, to quality, to customer service, we pursue perfection. We want to deliver you a beautiful pieces of jewelry and celebrate the best moments of life with you. Seeing your happiness wearing our jewelry is the inspiration of our team and the meaning of our business. 

Color and Design

Our focus on colorful stones makes our jewelry unique. With a touch of color, we believe jewelry comes alive and becomes truly personal. We offer a vibrant selection of colors, from which you can choose one that represents you. Our inspiration of color comes from nature, whether it is the golden sunshine, the deep blue ocean, or the first green in the spring. We capture the beauty of nature in our designs so you can carry it with you. 

100% Handcrafted

Every piece of our jewelry is handcrafted by our team of professional craftsmen who have years of experience making artisanal jewelry. 

Sapphire Stones 

Our sapphire never loses its beauty and sparkle once it's cut. We create sapphire stones in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that perpetually simulate the Earth’s natural growing process. This process duplicates what occurs naturally- making it impossible for the human eye to identify the difference of lab grown or Earth mined sapphire. Unlike mined sapphire, our sapphire is created without harming communities or the environment.​​ We are so confident about our product that we offer a lifetime warranty for all our jewelry.

Lifetime Warranty

We make jewelry that will last a lifetime and stand behind our quality.  Our warranty is so comprehensive that it even covers the center gemstones in engagement rings. No other jeweler offers this level of protection and peace of mind. 

 Our Price

We sell exclusively online and build everything in-house. In doing so, we are able to avoid unnecessary costs like retail stores and expensive middlemen. We pass all these savings on to our customers, and strive to bring you the finest quality items at unbeatable prices.