Lifetime Warranty

We make jewelry that will last a lifetime and stand behind our quality. We are so confident about our product that we offer a lifetime warranty on any of our jewelry that is above $100. Our warranty is so comprehensive that it even covers the center gemstones in engagement rings. No other jeweler offers this level of protection and peace of mind. 

What's Free for Life?

1. Settings ​

  • Cleaning

  • Prong tightening

  • Replacing the setting

    • If you believe your product has a manufacturing defect, you are welcome to send it to us for evaluation. If accepted, we will send you a new one at our expense. If we receive and find that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and let you know the cost of repair or cost to remake if it is not repairable. Please note that each piece of jewelry we sell is handcrafted and made to order. Slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship are unique to each item and should be expected. These characteristics are considered part of the character of the item and should not be considered a defect.

2. Stones

  • Cleaning

  • Replacing Stone

    • Should your stone ever chip or break under ordinary circumstances, we will gladly replace the item at our sole discretion. Normal wear and tear is excluded. We will inspect the damaged stone and if a replacement is necessary, the stone will be replaced with one of similar size and quality. 

What's Not Included?

1. Normal wear and tear.

2. Lost, stolen or abused jewelry.

3. Rings that have had work done by other third party jewelers.

Instructions to Use This Service

1. Please send us an email at and let us know your original order number, and the service you are requesting. 

2. Within 2 business days, we will email you instructions on how to safely mail your item back to us.

3. Take your order to the nearest mailing center and simply mail it back to us. 

4. We will inspect the items and email you a timeline for returning your jewelry back to you.

5. Once it is finished, we will mail you back your item at our cost and send you an email for tracking.